Shortcuts: Get to know the shortcuts of the online editor

If you have already started transcribing with ScriptMe, it is time to go to the next level.

For this purpose, ScriptMe has shortcuts that will be of great help to speed up the task.

To access them, click on See shortcuts.

shortcuts 1

Knowing the shortcuts one by one

A window will open with an explanation of each shortcut.

shortcuts 2

1. Alt + Click: With this shortcut you can click on any word you want to modify without moving the playback line.

2. Ctrl + space: Used to play and pause the playback.

3. Shit + space: With this you will be able to play your transcript from where the cursor is positioned.

4. Ctrl + Arrow right: Move forward 5 seconds.

5. Ctrl + Arrow left: Rewind 5 seconds

6. Ctrl + Arrow up: You can increase the playback speed up to 2.0

7. Ctrl + Arrow down: You can reduce the playback speed down to 0.3 (by manually selecting it you can go even slower)

8. Shift + “+”: Volume up

9. Shift + “-“:¬†Volume down

10. Ctrl + A: You will be able to highlight any part of the text you have previously selected.

shortcuts 3

11. Ctrl + H: You can search a word or phrase and replace for another.

shortcuts 4

12. Enter/Return: Splits the timestamp from where the cursor is marked, generating a new timestamp below with the existing text to the right of the cursor.

13. Ctrl + Enter: Creates a new empty timestamp.

14. Alt or Ctrl + 1 to 6: New marker (choose color from 1 to 6)

So much for the keyboard shortcuts you can use to maximize your productivity when editing a transcript.

If you have any further questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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