How to use search and replace in transcription in ScriptMe

The Search and Replace function allows you to save a lot of time when correcting your transcriptions in our online editor.

This function allows you to search for words (letters, numbers, symbols or a set of words) and replace them with the desired word or element.

Let’s see how it works inside ScriptMe.

Using Search and Replace in your transcriptions step by step

1. Open the transcription.

2. Click on the three dots at the top right of the editor and select Replace.

You can also access it directly by pressing CTRL+H.

How to search and replace 0


3. In the upper left corner, you will see the Search and Replace box for what you need to change.

How to search and replace 1

4. Indicate the word you want to modify in the Search input.

In this example, you will see that ScriptMe was transcribed as script me or Script me, so let’s correct it with Search Replace.

how to search and replace 3


5. Indicates the correct word in the Replace input and press Replace or Replace All. how to search and replace 4

6. Done! The words have been changed there.

how to search and replace 5

Still, as you can see, scriptme appears instead of ScriptMe in some parts of the transcript.

Let’s correct it.

7. I type scriptme in the search input and ScriptMe in the replace input and click Replace All. How to search and replace 6

8. Now the job is done!

How to search and replace 7

If you still have any questions, you can write us through the chat or the contact page, and we will be happy to help you.


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