Add Avid markers with CTRL+1 to CTRL+6

We have added the ability to add Avid Markers to transcripts made in ScriptMe.

Simply put, it works so that you have the CTRL+1 to CTRL+6 buttons as a shortcut to add your markers.

What is it good for, you might ask.

Imagine sitting and listening through a transcription and finding a funny section that you want to flag for the editors, or a part that you think fits well for a trailer or promo. Why not mark what you think fits in the course of it, a funny laugh, something that should be sent to play or Instagram?

Then you just press the shortcut you have predetermined with what it should mark, and suddenly the maker is in Avid when you import it.

Before you go on, we invite you to read our complete guide about how to use ScriptMe with Avid Media Composer.

Below I will explain some basic settings for the function.

You have the buttons (CTRL+1) to (CTRL+6).

Each shortcut has a predetermined colour; see below. CTRL+1 has magenta, and so we work our way down.

Add Avid markers with CTRL+1 to CTRL+6

The default comment is what will be automatically written in the marker when you add it.

The default can be changed to the desired text in the preferences.

add avid markers

For example, it might look like the following.

add avid markers 2

You can also add these markers with the mouse.

add avid markers 3

If you do not have ScriptMe and work with Avid, then we think you should sign up and try it

You can get in touch with us here if you have more questions.

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