Shortcuts: Get to know the shortcuts of the Subtitle editor

If you have already created subtitles for the first time, and you want to improve your editing speed, it is imperative that you take a look and try out the keyboard shortcuts available.

These shortcuts will make your life easier and will accelerate your speed when editing your subtitles.

To get to know them you must click on Shortcuts.

shortcuts subtitles 1

A window will open with an explanation of each one.

Knowing the shortcuts of the subtitle editor page

Here we detail each shortcut and what it is used for.

shortcuts subtitles 2

1. Ctrl + space: You will be able to play and pause the playback.

2. Enter/Return: Split subtitle creating a new page/box below.

shortcuts subtitles 3

3. Ctrl + Enter/Return: With this shortcut you can put a break line inside the text in the page/box.

shortcuts subtitles 4

4. Double click: Jump to position in timeline

5. Ctrl + Arrow right: Move forward 10 seconds.

6. Ctrl + Arrow left: Rewind 10 seconds.

7. Ctrl + Arrow down: You can jump to next page/box

8. Ctrl + Arrow up: You can jump to previous page/box

9. Shift + Arrow down: Select words in the end of the page and press the shortcut to move it/them to next page

shortcuts subtitles 5

10. Shift + Arrow up: Select words in the beggining of the page and press the shortcut to move it/them to previous page.

shortcuts subtitles 6

We hope these explanations have been helpful.

If you still have doubts or questions, you can write us through the contact page or chat.

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