How to Generate Subtitles with ScriptMe for first time

Now that you have registered with ScriptMe, and logged in for the first time, it’s time to create or extract subtitles for your videos.

Here you will learn how to create your subtitles by uploading an audio or video file to ScriptMe.

For your content to be enjoyed as widely as possible, it must be as accessible as you can possibly make it.

Using subtitles is an effective way to make your content available to a wider audience by including the hearing impaired or non-fluent speakers of the original language.

So here you will discover how to create your video subtitles easily online, within just a few clicks.

Before continuing, you may also want to read how to transcribe with ScriptMe for the first time.

Create subtitles with ScriptMe: Step-by-step Guide

Before we start,  you should know that there are two ways to create subtitles:

Method #1: You can directly generate a subtitle file at the time of uploading.

Method #2: Upload and generate a transcription for your video file. You can then go to the transcription at any time and convert it to subtitles. This approach has the benefit of allowing you to first edit and correct the transcription before generating subtitles. You will also have both transcription and subtitle files without using additional credits.

So here, we are going to see both methods, so you know both ways to do it.

1. Generate subtitles directly

1. Once you’re logged in to your dashboard, click the Upload file button:

How to generate subtitles for first time

2. This will open up the upload window for You can upload a video in two ways:

  • Find the file on your computer, and then drag and drop it into the upload area.
  • Click on the Browse link and then look for the file you want to create subtitles for using your file explorer

How to generate subtitles for first time 2

Note: Review the recommended tips for uploading an audio/video file to get the best results.

Regardless of which option you pick, you’ll see the file you chose listed in the popup box. Make sure that it’s the correct file before proceeding to avoid wasting credits:

How to generate subtitles for first time 3

Before you generate the subtitles, make sure that you select the correct original language.

Then, under Action click on the dropdown to open the options and then select the Subtitles option. Finally, click the Done button when you’re happy with your settings to create the subtitles:

How to generate subtitles for first time 4

ScriptMe will now upload and process your file.

You can keep track of the progress from the dashboard under the Actions column. The status will move from Uploading to Preparing and so finally to See subtitles.

This means that the process is over:

How to generate subtitles for first time 5

ScriptMe will also notify you when the subtitle is ready with an email. So, you can safely close the browser tab and continue with other work while you wait for it to complete.

3. Once it’s ready, you will see the status change to a See subtitles button.

If you click this button you can view the contents of your newly generated subtitles:

It may sometimes take ScriptMe another few seconds to prepare the view of your subtitles. Don’t worry, it will be almost automatic.

How to generate subtitles for first time 6

This will take you through to the edit subtitles page.

You can see the full subtitle text on the left and preview it on the video file to the right. You can also see how the subtitles sync up to the audio waveform at the bottom.

How to generate subtitles for first time 7

And of course you can edit the subtitles and give styles.

How to generate subtitles for first time 8

You already have your subtitles created directly.

Next we will see how to create them from an existing transcript.

Let’s go.

You can check out this content where we discuss how to export subtitles independently.
And of course, also this other content where you can see how to export a video with burned in subtitles.

2. Generate subtitles from a transcription

1. We transcribe the same file.Instead of selecting Subtitles, we select Transcription.

How to generate subtitles for first time 3

ScriptMe will transcribe it and you will have to click on the See transcription button when it is ready.

2. Open the transcription clicking in See transcription

How to generate subtitles for first time 9

3. Now click on Convert to subtitles

How to generate subtitles for first time 12

4. Set the options and click Convert

How to generate subtitles for first time 11

5. The subtitles will start to be created.

It won’t take long but we’ll let you know by email, of course!

How to generate subtitles for first time 12

6. And here they are!

How to generate subtitles for first time 13

So much for the guide to generate subtitles.

Hopefully it has been useful and you will be able to create all the subtitles for your videos.

Please write to us if you still have more questions to ask. You can find us through the chat or the contact page.


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