Speaker recognition guide: Select, add, rename and delete

This guide explains how to work with your transcription speakers.

This includes how to select them, add and rename them, and finally delete them.

Adding speakers to your transcription

Open ScriptMe Lite and upload the file you want to transcribe.

Select the number of speakers in your video and the language. ScriptMe Lite will recognize when each person speaks automatically.

You will see the speakers to the left of the text.

By default, all speakers will be named Speaker 1, Speaker 2, and so on, with the number of speakers in your file.

But you can rename them and assign the actual name of each Speaker.

Rename Speakers

Click on the Speaker you want to rename.

Click on the pencil icon to edit the entire transcript.

Enter the name of the speaker 1 and click on the check icon.

And here you are. You have the name in all the transcription.

Now, we will do it with Bergman, the Speaker 2.

Click on the Speaker 2 pencil icon.

Replace with the name and click on the check icon.

And that’s it; you have the names added to the transcription.

If you made a mistake when writing the name, you can edit it similarly by clicking on the pencil icon.

Correct the name, press enter, or click on the check box, and you are done.

Suppose you want to delete a speaker created by mistake. Simply click on the trash can icon.

So far, this is a quick guide about speakers.

If you still have any doubts, please contact us to clear them up.

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