ScriptMe Lite settings page

ScriptMe Lite’s settings page allows you to customize the application to your needs, making it more efficient and increasing your productivity.

Getting to know the ScriptMe Lite settings page

To access the Settings page, open ScriptMe Lite and click the Settings button at the bottom of the sidebar.

In the Transcription model tab, you can see the available models, download new ones and delete the ones you do not want to have anymore.

You can also choose a default one by clicking on it.

On the other hand, there is the Custom settings tab.

There, you can choose the default number of Speakers for your videos; for example, if you have an interview podcast, it would be logical to indicate 2 Speakers.

You can also choose the number of Speakers when uploading your file.

You will also be able to choose the default language for your audio.

Remember that you can also select the language when uploading the file or files.

When you have made the changes, click on Save to confirm.

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