How to upgade to ScriptMe Lite PRO

The PRO version of ScriptMe Lite will give you all the benefits of transcribing and exporting as many files as you want.

Here’s how to subscribe to ScriptMe Lite PRO.

Subscribe to ScriptMe Lite PRO

There are several ways to subscribe to ScriptMe Lite PRO, all within the application.

The first one is to click on the Licensing button and follow the checkout steps.

To subscribe to ScriptMe Lite PRO, open the application and click the Purchase PRO button in the sidebar or the Licensing button at the top right of a transcript.

A popup will open where you can subscribe to the monthly or annual option (with two months free).

Select the best option for you and click Subscribe.

Fill in all the fields indicated.

Check the data and then click on Subscribe to finish the process.

You already have it, but now you must go to the email indicated and look for the license to add it to the desktop app.

If you do not see the email, check your Spam folder.

Copy and paste the license by clicking on Licensing at the top right of the app.

Press the Submit license button.

If you click on Licensing, you will see that now is ACTIVE, and all the information about it.

And there you have it.

Now, you have unleashed the power of ScriptMe Lite PRO.

If inconvenienced, you can immediately write to us to solve any problem.

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