How to record your voice and transcribe it

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With ScriptMe Lite, you can record your voice and transcribe the audio quickly.

You can create all kinds of notes, reminders, or use it to study or whatever you want.

This article shows you how to record yourself and transcribe the recording.

Recording you voice

Open ScriptMe Lite and click the “Record audio” button in the sidebar.

Press the microphone button to start recording.*

*Up to 5 minutes for the free version and unlimited for the PRO version.

It will start recording, and when you have said everything you had to say, you can press the stop button to end it.

You can pause the recording with the right button to continue it later or simply cancel it with the left button.

Once the recording is finished, you must state the number of speakers, the language and the transcription model.

Press Transcribe to have ScriptMe Lite transcribe it instantly.

And here it is! In this case, we recorded Rocky Balboa’s famous speech with his son, reproduced from our cell phone.

The next step is to edit; in this case, we only want to keep the last part of the recorded audio.

And here it is with the text of the final part.

Now, you must click Export and download it in the format of your choice.

So much for this article.

We hope it has been helpful.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

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