How to move your ScriptMe Lite license from one computer to another

If you want to install ScriptMe Lite on another computer, you can do it quickly and switch your license from one computer to another.

You can only use one license per computer.
Let’s take a look at this very simple process.

Moving your ScriptMe Lite license from one PC to another

1. Open the ScriptMe Lite application

2. Click on the icon in the sidebar where your “PRO” license data is displayed.

3. Click on Detach License from machine and you are done.

Detach ScriptMe Lite license

4. Now install ScriptMe Lite on the other computer.

Remember that you can download it for Windows or macOS at the following link.

5. Once installed click on the same “PRO” button and copy and paste your license.

It will be in the email we sent you when you purchased ScriptMe Lite.

This was the process to switch your ScriptMe Lite PRO account to another computer.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via chat or through the contact page.

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