First time using ScriptMe Lite

Before we start, we wanted to thank you for downloading ScriptMe Lite.

If, for some reason, you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do it directly from our website at the following link.

Once you download the desktop application for Windows or macOS and have it installed, you are ready to transcribe as many files as you want without limits*.

*Up to 5 minutes are available in the free version.


Before you start transcribing, we suggest that you download the “medium-multilingual” engine and choose it when you transcribe to ensure you get a good enough result from the transcription. ( see the Application settings part in this page)

Getting to know ScriptMe Lite

When you first open the desktop application, you will find yourself in the main dashboard.

Main dashboard

The first view of ScriptMe Lite the first time you open the application.

First time using ScriptMe Lite

You can start uploading your files immediately by dragging and dropping or selecting them from your file manager.

You can also create a voice recording by clicking the “Start recording” button.

When you have transcripts ready.

When you focus on editing a transcript.


On the left side, you will find the sidebar with the following elements:

  • Upload a file
  • Record audio
  • New folder
  • Purchase PRO
  • Settings

If you click on the first one, the file manager will open to import your files to be transcribed.

Select your file to adjust the transcription details.

There, you can also select more files or transcribe.

It will start transcribing.

If you click on Record audio in the sidebar, you can start recording a note to transcribe it.

You can also create a new folder by clicking on New Folder.

As you can see, to the right of the sidebar, you will see your folders and files transcribed or being transcribed.

You will be able to subscribe to ScriptMe Lite PRO by clicking on Purchase PRO and unlocking all the benefits that the premium version has for you.

Finally, you can access the Application settings and transcription engines at the bottom of the sidebar.

You can remove or show the sidebar by clicking the button above.

You can remove the intermediate slash by clicking the “<” button before the file name.

Transcription section

Here, you will see the completed transcription, and you can also see a preview while it is being automatically transcribed.

You can name the speakers manually by clicking on “Set speaker”.

You can playback by clicking the play button at the bottom and editing the transcript text while listening to the audio.

To do so, place your cursor on the word you want to edit and click to start typing or deleting.

Finally, Export the file by clicking on Export.

You can also add your PRO License by clicking the “Licensing” button above and uploading your key.

Once this is done, your ScriptMe Lite PRO account will be activated.

You already know the ScriptMe Lite platform but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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