How to export subtitles: Complete Guide

Once you have created your subtitles, you can easily export them to your computer.

The formats in which you can download the subtitles are .SRT and .VTT, but you can also download the video with the subtitles burned on it.

Let’s see how to export the subtitles of your projects.

Export subtitles in ScriptMe step-by-step

1. Click on Export button

Once you have your subtitles edited and ready to export, click on Export at the top right of your screen.

How to export subtitles

2. Select the format you want

Choose between .VTT and .SRT to download the subtitles.

In the same way, configure the options shown according to your needs.

How to export subtitles 2

3. Click on Export and the download will start

How to export subtitles 3

4. When it is ready, you will see a warning at the bottom left.

Now you just need to go to your download folder and access your file with the subtitles.

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