How to export a SRT file from subtitles editor

Learn how you can quickly export your subtitles in the SRT format in 4 simple steps using ScriptMe

Accessibility is key to reaching and clearly communicating with an audience as wide as possible. As a result, whether you’re an individual content creator or a business, subtitles might be the only way for many to understand your audio or video content.

That’s why ScriptMe enables you to quickly generate subtitles and export them in useful formats to you.

For example, SRT files are one of the most widely used formats in the industry for subtitles, so makes exporting to this format a breeze.

Exporting subtitles in SRT file format

1. Open in your dashboard the file from which you want to obtain the subtitles in SRT format.

How to export a SRT file from subtitles

Clicking in See subtitles will take you to the ScriptMe subtitles editor.

2. To proceed with exporting your subtitle file, simply click the Export button.

As you can see in the upper right corner you will find this button.

How to export a SRT file from subtitles (2)

You will now see the export popup window.

3. From the dropdown select the SRT File (.srt) option.

How to export a SRT file from subtitles (3)

4. Now just click in Export and that’s all

Your download should start instantly. When it’s done, you can find your SRT subtitles file in your default download folder. You can immediately start integrating this subtitles in your video and audio projects.

How to export a SRT file from subtitles (4)

And, voila, you now have access to your subtitles in the .SRT file format.

So much for this quick guide.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat or the contact page.


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