Export Avid Media Composer Markers with 255 characters from your transcriptions

As you may already know, Avid Media Composer can only import markers to a sequence.

If you then want to transfer markers from a sequence to a clip or sub-clip, you must copy all the markers inside Avid from the sequence and paste them into the clip.

Avid has a limitation of 255 characters per marker.

Even if you still have all the text left in markers on a sequence, you will lose text in a marker that is longer than 255 characters.

In ScriptMe, we have a solution for this.

Before that, maybe you are interested in reading our guide on How to use ScriptMe with Avid.

When you export Avid Markers, click on the setting Split markers (255 characters).

What happens then is that when you reach 255 characters, ScriptMe breaks the marker, creates a new marker, and fills in the rest of the text up to 255 characters.

export avid markers with 255 characters

If you don’t have ScriptMe and work with Avid, we recommend that you become a member and try it out.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.


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