Enterprise account: Main Features

At ScriptMe, we offer automatic transcription and subtitling services to companies that need 50 hours or more for their projects.

The Enterprise plan has outstanding features that will significantly facilitate the process of audio and video transcription that your business carries out.

Main features of the Enterprise accounts in ScriptMe

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1. Work on projects with teams

One of the main advantages of the Enterprise account is that you can work with your team on a project basis.

Create all the projects that allow you to organize the work more efficiently and add and add to them the people in charge of carrying out the task.

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You can create all the projects you want. There are no limits on the number of projects in your dashboard.

They will allow you to organize your work better. If you need 10, create 10; if you need 100, then make 100…

2. No license fee

You don’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees. You can purchase as many hours as your business needs and use it until it runs out. No deadlines.

3. Invite unlimited users to your projects

You can invite anyone you want to your projects.

There are no user limits, nor do you have to pay anything extra per user.

You already give the people you want to access by adding their email addresses.

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You can indicate with a coloured label the team members’ names and assign them accordingly.

4. Get one invoice for everything

Receive the invoice for your order directly in your inbox.

The invoice includes all the necessary billing details.

5. One SuperUser that controls the account

The owner of the Enterprise account will be able to manage everything.

From the users invited, the creation of projects and the assignment of users to them.

Enterprise accounts

These are just some of the highlights of the Enterprise account.

6. Project reports

Know in detail the time of use for each project and the amount of time transcribed.

With a few simple clicks, you can have objective information about the use of ScriptMe for your business.

7. Content search

Also, you can use the Content search feature

to search by word or phrase for that transcription, you can’t remember what it was.

With this feature, you can search for all transcripts containing a particular word or phrase.

You’ll never go crazy trying to find the missing file again.

If you think you need a customized plan for your business, do not hesitate to write us through the ScriptMe contact page.


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