Edit project settings

You can edit the projects you have created in your Enterprise account.

The actions you can perform when editing a project range from changing the project name and description, to the project email, adding or removing users and modifying the user’s notes.

How to edit project settings step-by-step

1. Go to your dashboard to the Projects tab.

There you can view the project you want to edit.

Edit projects Enterprise

In this case I will edit the project called Meetings project.

2. Select the project in the circle and click on Edit project.

Edit projects Enterprise (2)

3. Change the name, email address or description if you want to.

Edit projects Enterprise (3)

4. Delete users by clicking on the Trash icon.

I will delete the SEO Manager, and I will give you access to the Project Manager.

Edit projects Enterprise (4)

Once you click on the recycle garbage can, the user will be deleted.

Edit projects Enterprise (5)

Ready, now let’s add to the PM!

5. Add users in the email input and assign a note to it, then click in “+”.

Edit projects Enterprise (6)

You have finished.

Once you have made all the changes click on Save and you have edited your project.

In your Project dashboard you will be able to visualize the changes made.

Edit projects Enterprise (7)

This is the guide to edit a project.

If you still have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to write us in the chat or contact us through our contact page.


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