How do I subscribe to ScriptMe PRO? 3 hours of credit accumulable month by month

With ScriptMe’s PRO subscription model, we provide you with a monthly credit of 3 hours.

The credit can be used to upload video or audio files for transcription and subtitling, allowing you to manage your content needs seamlessly.

If you already subscribe to the plan, we will tell you more about it below.

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What does the 3 hours of credit mean?

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO

When you subscribe to ScriptMe’s PRO plan, you receive a monthly credit of 3 hours.

This credit represents the total video or audio content duration you can upload each month for transcription and subtitling.

Whether you have a single file spanning several hours or multiple shorter files, your monthly credit allows you to transcribe and subtitle your content conveniently.

Flexible Credit Usage:

The credit system empowers you to manage your transcription and subtitling needs according to your requirements.

For example:

  1. Single file option: If you have a video or audio file that is, let’s say, 2 hours long, you can utilize the credit to transcribe and subtitle the entire file within your monthly allowance.
  2. Multiple files option: Alternatively, you can upload multiple files that add up to 3 hours or less. This allows you to break down your content into smaller segments and prioritize the files that require transcription and subtitling the most.

Unused Credit and Subscription Continuity

One of the advantages of the ScriptMe PRO subscription is that any unused credit rolls over to the following month as long as your subscription remains active.

This means you don’t lose any allocated credit if you haven’t utilized it within a month. It accumulates, giving you the flexibility to use it when you need it most.

Subscribe to ScriptMe PRO monthly plan step by step

If you have an ad blocker or are using a VPN you may experience problems when subscribing. Please disable them and log back into the platform.

The first thing you must do is to be registered to our platform. If you are not yet registered, you can follow the steps we tell you in the following article.

In ScriptMe’s platform, you must click on the Buy credits button.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 2

There you should click on the Start now button in the ScriptMe PRO panel.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 3

In the next window, you must complete all the payment information.

Remember that we do not have access to your credit card information, as we have partnered with Stripe for secure payments.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 4

Also, if your company is making the subscription, you will have to check I’m purchasing as a business and complete the data of the same one.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 5

Once completed, you can click on Subscribe to finalize your subscription.

You will see the following window, and you can start transcribing or subscribing for up to 3 hours during the month.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 6

You can view your payments and download your invoice at Billing> Purchase history

You will also see your available credits reflected with the 3 hours added in the main dashboard.

How to subscribe to ScriptMe PRO 7

If you have any problems with your payment or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to unsubscribe from the subscription, please read the following article, where we explain the process step by step.


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