How to cancel ScriptMe PRO subscription?

Canceling a subscription can sometimes be a confusing or frustrating process, but we are here to assist you and make it as simple as possible.

How to cancel your ScriptMe PRO subscription step by step

It’s important to keep in mind that canceling your subscription means losing access to the Pro features and any unused hours remaining on your subscription. This will occur at the end of the subscription period.

To cancel your subscription, you must first log in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to the “Billing” section.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription

You have now arrived at the billing information page.

Two methods to cancel your subscription to ScriptMe PRO

First method

To proceed with canceling your subscription, please click on the “Manage my payment method and billing details” button. This will redirect you to the page where you can initiate the cancellation process.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 3

Once here, you must click on the Cancel Plan button.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 4

The next step is to confirm by clicking on the button Cancel plan.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 5

Once the plan is cancelled, a pop-up will open confirming your unsubscription. If you like, you can answer the survey with the reasons for this decision. For us, it is an important feedback to keep improving.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 6

You can choose not to do so by clicking the No thanks button.

Remember that if you change your mind, you can renew your subscription right here.

Second method

In the Billing tab, you can directly cancel the plan. To do so, click on Cancel.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 2

A window will warn you that you will lose your accumulated credits and how many credits you have accumulated.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 7

If you decide to keep them and continue your subscription, you will need to click Keep my credit.

If you finally decide to cancel the subscription, click the Cancel subscription button to confirm.

A confirmation will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

Cancel ScriptME PRO subscription 8

You can also renew your subscription at the same place by clicking the Renew button.

We understand that canceling a subscription can be a difficult decision, but we appreciate your business and hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about canceling your ScriptMe Pro subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.


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